Road-Rail vehicle MAZ DUO - NP

Road-Rail vehicle MAZ DUO - NP is equipped with an insulated elevating platform (for use under live OLE) and workshop under the platform. The vehicle is designed for ride and work on road as well as for ride and work on tramway tracks, for example, maintenance operations, transport of material, repairs of overhead lines under live OLE, in compliance with all safety requirements.

The scissor-type elevating platform enables unlimited rotation around its axis. Side reach, size and loading capacity of the platform meet all requirements for OLE maintenance. The elevating platform has a wireless control, it can be controlled by means of cable control. The workshop can be equipped with central electric system with electric installation in the workshop or separate electric circuit with socket on the platform.

Power transmission during ride on rails is enabled by the vehicle tyres. The vehicle is equipped with CCTV cam system for reverse ride, monitored on LCD display in the driver’s cab, railway lights and illumination system for work at night, reversible gearbox, and other devices. All operations on the railway track are controlled electrically from the driver’s cab, the rail gear operations are automatically controlled and monitored on the board-PC.

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