Summer road maintenance

Watering machine SK 10

Special road vehicle TATRA MSP 10 is equipped with equipment designed for manipulation, maintenance, cleaning, and repairs of traffic infrastructures.

Watering and washing machine is designed to water and wash roads by means of front watering console, or it can be used for spraying of front roller sweeper. Superstructure is equipped with winch and hose, therefore, it can also be used to water greenery in parks, transport water, etc. Water tank is made of colored plastic, resistant to low temperatures. System of breakwaters inside prevent spillover of water in tank and thus it is protected against sharp impacts. Various washing functions and machine control are realized by means of electrical control panel in driver's cab and control panel at the rear of superstructure.

Watering and washing machine is designed to wash traffic barriers, posts, and other elements of traffic infrastructure. Superstructure is equipped with rotating boom with two rotating brushes.

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