Road-Rail vehicle DAF 8x2 XF 105 WELDERLINER

Road-Rail vehicle DAF 8x2 XF 105 WELDERLINER equipped with flash butt welder container is designed for welding in field conditions. Both rail gears are double-axle and are located behind the road axles. Rail gears are hydraulically driven. Remote control of drive is optional. The vehicle is equipped with service, parking and emergency brakes. The rear rotational rail boogie with microdrive enables easier on-tracking. The vehicle is equipped with CCTV for reverse movement, emergency stop push buttons located along the vehicle, with rail track lighting and illumination system for nightwork.

Welding unit is designed for flash butt welding of rails up to max. cross section of rail 10000 mm2. Supplied welding head can be with integral puller or other type. Shear tool enables fullprofile shearing. Welding unit ensures guaranteed quality of rail welding with passport of every joint from computer system and enables to weld long rails on a track. Manipulator ensures moving of welderhead out of body superstructure and turning +/- 90° in both sides to enable work on adjacent lines.

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