Road-Rail vehicle FRILINER 4x4 RSQ

Light Road-Rail rescue vehicle is road vehicle equipped with rail gear designed for ride on rails as well as with box body superstructure. Vehicle can be equipped with single or double driver's cab according to the customer's requirements. The cab can be equípped with 5 up to 6 seats including the driver's seat.

Friction system consists of front and rear single axle rail gears. Vehicle is driven and braked by means of 4 road axle tyres. Vehicle is equipped with CCTV cam system at the rear and LCD monitor in the driver's cab. Speedometer installed in the driver's cab indicates failures visually and acoustically including data recording.

Box body is equipped with hydraulic rerailing equipment positioned on shelves, including drive unit (diesel engine, petrol engine, or electric unit), control panel (for 4 – 6 connected jacks), 10 m long high pressure hoses with quick couplings, telescopic jacks (loading capacity of 65t up to 200t, construction height of 250 mm up to 470 mm), jack for side shifting with equipment, spacing bars, roller carriages with shifting plate, rerailing bridges (length of 1100 mm up to 4400 mm), as well as mechanical locking equipment. Other hydraulic equipment - assembly unit for shifting axles, tilting jack with swinging base and mechanical block of wheels, towing equipment, as well as jacks with high lift can be supplied according to the customer's requirements.

Vehicle can be equipped with rerailing equipment - hydraulic cutters, hydraulic spacer, tamper, drive unit, etc. More detailed specification of the hydraulic rerailing equipment can be submitted, if required.

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