SVA - System für Gleisstopfmaschinen
SVA = eine Höchstgenauigkeit auf der Eisenbahnstrecke mittels des Computersystems

ASP operation in mode "SVA-OT"

- measuring of directive and vertical values into PC
- optimalization for required position of railway track according to previously performed measuring drive by means of system "SVA-OT"
- measuring values from measuring systems ASP and KRAB
- specifying of firm points of track
- specifying of maximal limits of moving
- graphic viewing of measuring drive

ASP operation in mode "SVA-KRAB"

- measuring equipment for measuring of geometric values of rails for controlling of ASP
- measuring can be performed both before and after packing of railway track ASP
- direct evaluating of measured values by means of system "SVA-KRAB" for controlling of ASP
- easy connecting to ASP
- specifying of speed zone
- report of zone evaluation and local failures
- graphic viewing of last 100 m behind ASP on computer "SVA"
- graphic report of measured values of the track on printer, format A3

ASP operation in mode "SVA-TX"

- distance transfer of data values directly from the track from "ROLAS" device
- transfer of data between devices "ROLAS" and ASP by means of radiomodem
- data evaluation for controlling of ASP by means of "SVA-TX" system
- transfer up to distance of 2 km in indentations in broken terrain as well

ASP operation in mode "SVA-ROLAS"

- measuring laser device for evaluating of absolute position of the track with values for controlling of ASP
- directive and vertical measuring of rail axis position
- long chord method
- directive and vertical measuring of position before and after packing of ASP
- saving of measured values on floppy disk
- output measured values for ASP, evaluated by means of system "SVA-ROLAS"

= S V A =

Graphic software controlling system „ SVA “ based on industrial PC is designed for automatic setting of values of directional and height corrections and movement for ASP when tending and levelling of rails and switches, of all types of machinery manufactured by company PLASSER, series 07, 08, 09, and A-400.1.

Advantages of „ SVA “ System

- easy and clear system operation when setting the required values from track lay-out for calculating corrections
- „ SVA “ device with its technical, graphic and software equipment is more effective than so far used systems by company PLASSER, e.g. devices „ RVA, UVA, GVA“ and it is sold on very competitive prices, comparing to devices sold by above mentioned company. Software device „ SVA “ is based on elements manufactured by Thaiwan company ADVATECH and meets the requirements of standard ISO 9001.
- efficient industrial computer with processor PENTIUM using sensor and control blocks
- colour TFT display 10,42 with high contrast and polution resistent keyboard
- integral power supply from deck voltage ASP 24 V
- graphic printer, format A3

„ SVA “ device provides especially:

- automatic calculation of correction values and levelling for track areas with change of bending according to set data, directly from track lay-out. More than 200 data can be set.. Viewing of tamped track with all current data in graphic form and coloured design
- setting of correction values according to system „ BLOSSE “
- setting of different ratio of chord length of ASP can be used on different ASP machinery. Saving of set and evaluated correction values on floppy disk or „ SVA “ computer hard drive including archiving of these data to be used on corresponding track area next time
- possibility of additional manual setting of required corrections
- after setting of appropriate data – interpolation of directional faults, always between two points with priority use when operating in bend which was not directionally marked out
- optimalization of required rail position, according to previously performed measuring drive and its graphic viewing
- simulation of ASP operation including all graphic values of track area. Warning of operating personnel about important points of track area by means of audio device
- software equipment is secured with program key
- evaluation of data from devices „ KRAB “ and „ ROLAS “
- ASP operation in other systems, including. SVA – OT (optimalization)
- equipment „ KRAB “ is measuring device of geometric rail quantities for ASP 07, 08, 09 after tamping of track, connected to ASP. Program on „ SVA “ device evaluates measured geometric data, which are saved in data file during measuring drive and after finishing of ASP operation, these data can be printed on printer directly on ASP in the form of graphic record or displayed on „ SVA “ computer
- „ ROLAS “ device is used for measuring of absolute three-dimensional rail position by means of revolving laser, measuring directional and height sagitta on long chord, together with real distance of rail axis from the mark . Results of measuring (difference between planned and real position of rail) can be transferred from floppy disk into controlling computer of packing machine, that realizes appropriate shifts then and gets the rail (back) to planned position (product of ČD – TÚDC, that provides its use as well).

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