Véhicule Rail-Route MAZ-MAN DUO

Véhicule Rail-Route MAZ – MAN DUO is designed for superstructure conversion. Many working mechanisms designed for various applications can be installed (welding container for welding of rails, platform body for material transport, container superstructure for mobile workshop or transport of personnel, etc.). The vehicle is designed for ride and work on road as well as for ride and work on railway tracks. The vehicle is designed for ride on rails of railway gauge of 1435 or 1520 mm (adjustable gauge).

Power transmission during ride on rails is frictional, by means of both rear road axles. Front road axle is raised during ride on rails by means of road axle locking mechanism. Rail gears are equipped with hydraulic suspension system. Mechanisms are driven hydraulically and are controlled electrically from mobile control panel. The vehicle is equipped with CCTV cam system for safe reverse ride, monitored on colour LCD display in the driver’s cab. Rail gears are illuminated for work at night.

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